The Generous Roof

David Greusel September 21, 2020 A lot of chatter in the sports architecture world this fall concerns the debut of SoFi Stadium, the new $4 billion (or is it $5 billion?) home of the NFL’s Rams and Chargers in Los Angeles. Game announcers at its inaugural game pronounced it “quite a building.” Indeed. People who …

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The Liturgy of Baseball

David Greusel July, 2020 We usually associate the word “liturgy” with religious services. More liturgical denominations, like the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox, have as part of their services complex rituals that are difficult for the uninitiated to explain or follow. But as writers such as James K.A. Smith and Tish Harrison Warren have pointed …

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Thoughts on Zoning

Here’s a thought on zoning: zoning is racist. For those of you who get zoning confused with building codes, those are two different things: building codes generally follow a nationally-accepted consensus model, and have mainly to do with life safety, fire protection, structural durability, and extreme weather resistance of buildings. Zoning, which is shorthand for …

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Doesn’t Pencil

As I drive around Kansas City, I often, as I’m sure you do, see vacant sites and imagine wonderfully dense mixed-use developments springing up on them like mushrooms. If I had unlimited financial resources, I would plant these mixed-use mushrooms all over town, but especially in vacant lots in Kansas City, some parts of which …

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