Work, Family and Community

Convergence Design is about bringing work, family and community together into a seamless whole. It’s about connecting people in every aspect of their lives, and bringing them together in positive spaces. We’re about finding design solutions that are as right for a particular place as they are for a particular time.


Our pursuit is improving the quality of the built environment through excellent architecture, great design and sound planning.


We see users of our designs living integrated lives where commitments to work, family and community converge. A design where members of a community gather in places built for cheering, connecting and serving.


Convergence Design is dedicated to those principles of architectural design necessary for human flourishing:
Intuitive · Generous · Local · Particular · Humanistic · Personal · Humble

Design Philosophy

Convergence Design is committed to the discipline of place. We believe that architecture needs not only to be of its time, a point of near universal agreement among architects, but also of its place, a point about which there is much less of a consensus.

Architecture that is of its time means that it does not mimic historical details or pretend to use building technologies that are no longer in use. That does not mean that historical methods of building are of no use whatsoever. It merely means that we strive, for the most part, to reflect accurately the time in which we live. It is by understanding not only the site and its features but also the historical, cultural and political context in which we are working, that can we design buildings that are truly both of their time and of their place.

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